Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hyderabad Central Put Customers in the Corner

Yesterday, I went to one of the oldest Shopping Mall 'Hyderabad Central' in punjagutta. I bought a wrist watch and there was an offer to get microwave bowls of worth 2000 by paying only 450.

I was anyhow feeling the need of that stuff so decided to buy. So here are the seriously annoying things that turned my mood off.

1. The titan outlet from where I bought the watch told they do not carry even the Titan cover to wrap it and only Hyderabad Central printed cover can be provided. That too from the billing counter.

2. Once I went to billing counter to collect the cover and asked for buying the micowave bowls as per offer he asked me to go to 3rd floor for that. That sounded me bad to un-necessary route the customer.

3. Anyways, I went there and found just one person trying to help out everyone and in a way resulting in annoying everyone. Not the fault of the person but the management to keep just one person where they know more will be required. Where you can imagine to complain for such things when that happens within customer care center.

4. After some struggle I finally got the stuff for which they did not provided me the bill. I did not realized it as I was in hurry. I have to gift it so asked for the gift wrap for which they directed me to go to basement. What a pain to just move up and down for buying a single item. To make a note Hyderabad Central pretty proudly announces that they believe in customer satisfaction. I found it completely missing.

5. With no choice I went to basement and asked the person to gift wrap. And the awesome reply was "Sir, we do not gift wrap complementary items". I was pretty annoyed and said boss I have paid 450 bucks for this. Then how it is complementary? He did not listen for the same for first 10 mins and then finally said ok show me the bill for this. Asking for the bill made sense to me but this should have been the first response from him. There I realized that the customer care did not gave me the bill at all. So, I asked him to pack it and put the bill number for the watch I bought. He said he need to ask for that. I said sure and for which he said I do not have any phone/intercom to call to customer care and he cannot leave the desk. As per him, in fact on the entire floor there is no intercom even for emergency situations.

6. This finally made me another trip to 3rd floor to get the bill for which the person was simply not surprised and gave me a bill. In fact he asked: "Why? Is someone asking for it?". This was pretty unexpected to me. They are supposed to provide the bill even if customer does not ask and the guy was asking me a question like why I need that. This is just against the law which Hyderabad central seems to be violating frequently.

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