Monday, November 09, 2009

Make My Trip -- Break My Trip

So, this is a very annoying incident happened recently when I had mistakenly planned to book my trip using
My 4 relatives were planning to travel from Delhi to Banglore and asked me to help out in bookings. I went ahead and did a booking. Few hours later when I went to print the itinerary I realized I did a wrong booking and booked from Delhi to Hyderabad instead of Delhi to Banglore.  As I am living  in hyderabad for last 4+ years so kinda of easy to digest mistake for me. Anyways, so there was option other than canceling the ticket and wasting 3250 as cancellation charges and booking the right tickets. So, to cancel I logged on to once again and tried to cancel. System refused me to do so as there was an infant traveling. For any reasons I did not bother much and thought to do that later online.
So, I just decided to book the correct tickets again and I did so. After this I had finally 2 itineraries one from Delhi to Banglore (the correct one) and the another from Delhi to Hyderabad (to be cancelled via customer care). I called to customer care and they took almost an hour to final attend my call.  I told them the situation and asked them to cancel the itinerary from Delhi to Hyderabad. After spending some 20 minutes the care guy told me it is done.

Few hours later, I went to cyber cafe to get a printout of the Del-Blr itinerary for the next day scheduled departure. And was shocked to see that the customer care guy Canceled the wrong tickets. I had to call to customer care again and had to wait for about more than an hour to be attended. Customer Care replied that they cannot do anything at the moment but if its a mistake from their side then they will pay back the cancellation charges plus the fare difference between the wrongly canceled flight and the next booking for the same flight by me. Fair enough. I disconnected.

And, after this I waited for 10 days for amount to be paid back by Break (make) my trip and found only the fare returned after deducting the cancellation charges. This made me loss 3250 as the cancellation fee and around 2500 increased fare for booking the same flight again. I called to customer care (must mention same 1 hr wait time on phone) to know about the status of my complaint number IN0910R0064497 and found that they are still not sure about that.  I repeated the incidence and they assured to get back within 2 hours. After waiting for another 3 days I had to call again to know about it again to suffer again for another hour in the wait queue to get another assurance of refunding money within another 2-3 days.
That did not end here and I had to call Break My Trip again (this time with a wait time of 2 hours) finally with another assurance of refunding it within 10 days. I patiently waited for that much time again and finally forced to write this blog so that other people make sure not to book through for any reasons.
Few very annoying things:
1. Wait time of over 1 hours in the call.
2.  Just asking the incidence freshly from the customer even after providing the complaint number. Which they should bother to open and go through.
3. Definitely the repetitive assurance for refunding money.
4. And, false promises to call back in 2 hours and never do that.

Update 1: Finally after a month of struggle they returned my money. Was such a pain. Guys be careful !!!

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  1. Thanks for all the feedback. We've taken your comments on our customer service in to account and are continuously looking to improve our customer experience both online and offline.

    As per your discussions with a MakeMyTrip customer care agent, MakeMyTrip will be processing a full refund for your cancelled ticket along with paying the fare difference for the higher priced ticket that you purchased.

    We hope you return to MakeMyTrip for your next travel purchase and give our customer service an opportunity to delight you.

    Devika Khosla